Even knowing lots of concepts, one never really has all the answers. Such is human nature.
I got inspired by one of my clients to write about this article, because her situation applies to many people. When I met her, she lived absorbing the sorrows and miseries of her clients. She put herself down to please others. She is extremely empathetic, compassionate, sweet… and she walked with her shoulders down, a rounded back, slouching, bending over to the point I almost had to bend my neck looking for her face to meet her eyes. She was very wobbly on her knee and elbow joints, almost as if her joints were saying ‘sorry for being myself’, apologizing and saying thank you for everything to everyone, putting everybody’s needs first before hers.

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One also has her own limits. Since I am in the world of fitness, from my very first session with my very first client up to this very morning, there is one thing that I haven’t ceased to repeat, and that thing is: “Breathe!”. Even with my long-term clients it is still a concept not embedded in their brains. No matter in which way I say it or demonstrate it, when or how many times. They either breathe the other way round to my instruction or they just directly don’t breathe (they withhold it), even when they are dying with exhaustion, they hold on to their air for dear life.

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Sound is Movement. Frequency moves. Movement sounds. How is your posture and how is your breathing when you are listening? In which ways can your listening (active attention) improve your hearing (sense)? It often happens that we hear a lot of things but we aren’t listening. Our body movement, and where we place our tensions, is closely linked to that.

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Ahh… The mighty Vagus Nerve, also called the “Master Nerve”, is the longest and most complex nerve in our body. It goes from the base of the cranium all the way down to the abdomen, connecting the brain to the gut and all the organs. This is also the only nerve that can be strengthened and toned, almost like a muscle 🙂

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Our thoughts. Those caterpillars that come and go. Such power they have. Specially when they’re fueled by our emotions. Such is their strength that what we think shapes our reality and our belief system, and our body! The isolation of thought is one of the most difficult parts of the type of meditation that I’ve been doing for years (‘Initiation into Hermetics’ – Franz Bardon), but once that is managed, a new gate opens to the extraordinary world of magic. Real magic. As in, making things happen with the fruit of your mind work. Even, changing the shape of your body (it’s a process)

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We are so distracted.

We are so often profoundly absent from the present moment.

With our fears, our unfounded worries, our preconceptions, our learned behaviours, our wounds, our patterns, our perception of what’s right and what’s wrong.

This crisis manifests in many horrors related to our health, but one of the most poetic is the resulting loss of our cellular identity. Thus creating imbalances such as cancers, autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic conditions that often have no medical remedy.

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In a time of adversity

I wanted to save the world.

There was a chance.

“Wake up! can you not see?”

shaking everybody’s shoulders,

to awaken them from their sleep.

Some close ones rose against me,

they did not want to get up.

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