I am Graciela Rodriguez, a singer, music/singing teacher, personal trainer and fitness instructor. On my Blog you can read my latest thoughts Singing/Fitness related from a holistic perspective, and also poems/lyrics that spring from inspiration. I am a firm believer of the Mind/Body/Soul connection starting from the premise that everything is energy. Breathing, sound and movement are closely linked and play a crucial role in our health.

I studied Musical Education Sciences, Classical Singing, Jazz Singing, and various music related courses. Later on I completed studies in Exercise to Music, Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. I also hold a couple of Sports Nutrition certificates and other various health related studies. I am passionate about knowledge, discovering new things and helping people. I am always on the lookout for depth and substance.

SingersFit was born in 2013, from the necessity of merging Fitness with Singing, particularly aerobic exercise coupled with adequate breathing, a niche that hasn’t been explored and of which I find a lot of misinformation. Here you will learn how to breathe, how to use your voice in a way that will optimise your health and improve your life quality, through my different programme offers (soon available!).

Here you will also find my latest music releases, I have a lot of new projects on the pipeline and it is my duty to share and show them to the world. I write and produce my own music (also the one you hear on my workouts), and I am also constantly collaborating with other musicians. On the Shop page you can buy my songs, and on the Videos page you can watch and listen for free. You can come and watch me perform live, go to www.reverbnation.com/gracimusic to see where I am singing next.

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