Finally… a place where Singing and Fitness merge to give you the best tips and advice on how to lead a fit/healthy lifestyle if you are (or aren’t) a singer! 🙂 All this from a holistic perspective where I wander through the depths of my mind, connecting the dots.


Who am I? I am Graciela Rodriguez (aka Grace Rodson), a professional singer, music/singing teacher, personal trainer and fitness instructor. ‘Passionate’ does not illustrate enough how much I love what I do. I love to discover new things, explore knowledge and help people become their best.

Music has been my first vehicle of expression of truth. When I sing I connect with source, there is no pretension, no lies. When music happens, nothing else matters. Through teaching and performing music I realised I had a certain something that people liked and got inspiration from, I knew then that my craft wasn’t only mine, it was to be shared. Later on in life I studied Fitness and became a Personal Trainer. The body is the reflection of the mind/soul/heart/emotions, and viceversa. A healthy body has a healthy spirit, and a healthy spirit has a healthy body. It is also my passion to promote the idea of infinite wisdom, beauty and freedom. Music has taken me around the world and I have lived experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise have ever known, for that I am grateful.

Mostly I am known as a Singer, I have only become a professional of the Fitness world in recent years. Life is taking me more and more into this holistic direction, and so I have deleted my all-time website http://www.gracimusic.com and merged that content with this one. I will gradually be adding pages where you can see my Music achievements, for those of you who’d like to know. To be honest I don’t like to boast about things, I’ve done the “marketing” thing in the past and it’s not who I am, and I don’t want to be. In fact, this website doesn’t reflect the grandeur of my talents and achievements (it’s true, you can ask anyone) 🙂 The best thing to do is to arrange a meeting with me, hire me or come to see me perform anywhere, and see me in action.

At the moment I am based in London (UK), and you can see me singing at various venues, such as the OXO Tower, The Ned, Pizza Express or Ronnie Scotts to name a few. I am also a fitness instructor at RiZe, Urban Fitness, The Fitness Mosaic and Better (GLL).

Check my Gigs section regularly to see where I am.

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