Welcome to my page… a place where you can read my latest thoughts all Singing/Fitness/Energy related, from a holistic perspective where I wander through the depths of my mind. In here you can also find some information about my Singing career and my Personal Training services.

Who am I? I am Graciela Rodriguez (also known previously as Grace Rodson), a professional singer, music/singing teacher, personal trainer and fitness instructor. ‘Passionate’ does not illustrate enough how much I love what I do. I love to discover new things, explore knowledge and help people become their best.

Music has been my first vehicle of expression of truth. When music happens, it comes from source, from the above. Through teaching and performing music I realised that my craft wasn’t only mine, it was to be shared, and I also realised that our body is the reflection of the mind/soul/heart/emotions, and viceversa. A healthy body has a healthy spirit, and a healthy spirit has a healthy body.

Mostly I am known as a Singer, I have only become a professional of the Fitness world in recent years. Life is taking me more and more into this holistic direction, and so I have deleted my all-time website http://www.gracimusic.com and merged that content with this one. Music has taken me around the world and I have lived experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise have ever known, for that I am grateful. The best thing to do is to hire me or come to see me perform anywhere, and see me in action. But here are a few highlights of my career so far: I studied Jazz Singing at the Royal Academy of Music and I have a Degree in Musical Education Sciences, I performed at Glastonbury and I sang backing vocals for Björk. I put the voice for a toy for toddlers designed by Shakira and I was a candidate for Eurovision 2012. I also won UK Unsigned 2009 and GSD Latin Awards 2011, and LUKAS Awards 2014 finalist. I have led bands, conducted choirs, string ensembles and I usually produce or co-produce all my albums, I arrange and write, and I play guitar, piano, percussion and flute! 🙂

At the moment I am based in London (UK), and you can see me singing at various venues, such as the OXO Tower, The Ned, Pizza Express or Ronnie Scott’s to name a few. I am also a fitness instructor at Urban Fitness and Better (GLL) and I train clients privately.

Check my Gigs section regularly to see where I am.

My new song “Wind Woman” (01•05•2020), is now available on Amazon Music, Spotify and all the major online retailers:

My album “Shadows & Dreams” (20•02•20), is available on iTunes and Spotify and all the major online retailers, you can also listen to it here:

Find my new collaboration with Ariel Cubría, our latest release is a bachata entitled “Lo Que Quieras”, with the English adaptation “Say You Will Stay”. Find both on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.

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