• “Powerful contemporary electro/dance of a dynamic vocalist” – Keith Ames / Tom Short, The Musician (Jun 08, 2016)

• “Extremely professional, easy to work with and amazingly talented. Excellent vocalist! cannot recommend highly enough. 5*” – Sarah Murray – Music Factory Entertainment Group

• “A UK-based singer of an ultramodernized version of Latin jazz styles goes all-out for dance-pop gold with a dizzyingly long list of producers, collaborators and guests.” – Jon M. Gilbertson, Tap Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Mar 18, 2016)

• “Shakira’s team was very pleased with Graciela’s performance” – – Emil Harnás, Fisher Price (Apr 30, 2015)

• “Graciela’s voice is ideal for the sound she has developed, she has the confidence not to need to resort to autotune. That fact alone ought to recommend her to any honest music fan.” – Charles Martel, Music Emissions (Oct 27, 2015)

• “Unlike some singers, who float around waiting to be given the solo stage, her voice is a complete instrument. Graciela’s voice is a sensational blast of passion, raw, tender and sublime.” – Matthew Wright, The Arts Desk

• “Graciela can do any type of music, in fact one of her more prominent facets is the ability of adapting to any style. Her previous album takes you directly to the dance floor. ‘Samba in my bones’ is fresh, stimulant and lots of fun. A sophisticated album that mixes several styles such as Bossa Nova, samba and dance, making of it a dance and an elegant set at the same time. It reminds me a bit of the golden era of St. Germain, or even Dimitri from Paris or any of the big ones in jazz-fussion. Although sometimes she takes a walk through commercial dance, like Jennifer Lopez or Christina Aguilera; no problem in vocal comparisons.” – Marco Fernandez, PentaVox (Sep 02, 2015)

• “Graciela delighted the audience with her enchantment and a velvety voice, precise and romantic, of a rare and impressive sonority. Unforgettable.” – Cristina Bastos, O Regional

• “Singer Graciela is undoubtedly an artist who was born to perform. Her passion and love for music are unique. She can sing all kinds of styles and genres while in the middle she creates dancing tunes from pop, disco and funk melodies, giving the listener an intense and vivid picture of what music means to her: Freedom.” – Adriana Rubio, Arts Publications Music & Films
• “Soulful, gorgeously muscular and throbbing” – Matthew Wright, The Arts Desk

• “Graciela manages to embrace many styles inside a single genre, a luxury that not many artists can afford.” – Marco Fernández, Pentavox

• “One week after her performance feedback continues to be quite astonishing!” – Heather Robinson, Royal Star & Garter

• “Snazzy!” – Nick Grimshaw

• “It was my pleasure to see this shining star in concert. She delighted the audience with her enchantment and a velvety voice, precise and romantic, of a rare and impressive sonority. Unforgettable.” – Cristina Bastos, O Regional

• “I keep getting messages from friends and family about how brilliant you were. Having you singing made our event even more amazing!” – Maria Davies

• “Graciela engages with her sweet refrains and the subtle twists in her self-penned top line melodies” – – Keith Ames, The Musician (Sep 08, 2011)


• “We are always pleased with our son’s music teacher! She encourages our son to do his level best and he enjoys playing his keyboard and singing, thanks to her guidance” – Mrs Jecinter Firth

• “My fitness is getting so much, much better, you can’t imagine, I want to thank you ever so much. You help me change my life and my health!” – Ali Adan

• “Graciela is professional and reliable for any fitness advice. She always ensured that my techniques were correct to avoid any injuries. Without Graciela’s 100% dedication and commitment I would not have been able to achieve this outcome. Honestly some days I just can’t believe it! Graciela always pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone-limits I thought I would never surpass… I can definitely can say that Graciela has inspired me to continue to stay fit – I haven’t felt this kind of energy and body confidence in a long time. By far this has to be my best investment of 2019 so far, I have received positive feedback from family and friends and I’m eager to share my journey with others.” – Rebecca Lopez

“Working with Grace is great fun – something I never thought I would say about exercise! She is very enthusiastic about her work and this is communicated in her commitment, drive and support of others. Grace has been able to adapt exercises as necessary for me, in reflection of prior injury, and works alongside me, correcting any mistakes in posture/coordination etc. I have never been so fit and am very much enjoying all the positive changes this is bringing. It gives me pleasure to be able to recommend Grace and I hope we continue to work together for a long time!” – Carla Plymen