It is a constant in life that opposites go always hand in hand. In that statement there is already alignment, which is already a contradiction in itself (how can opposites be aligned?). The foundation of the universe is opposites, polarities. There is no universe in unity, only eternity. Eternity is beyond the universe. You may think that this is way too far fetched or philosophical, but what is life if one doesn’t think? I think, therefore I am – someone said 🙂

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That sound outside my window…
is so beautiful.
And in such simplicity, nothing else is needed.

The rain falls so sure of herself,
its drops are musical notes
gently composed by the wind
to disturb this silent night.

This is the symphony
to coo my sleep
At least, tonight.

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I’m running naked on this island.

Awakened by forgotten sensations.
Warm sea inviting me.
Salty breeze burning my skin.
Infinite sand, white powder,
reminding me
nothing remains,
yet everything penetrates.

Nothing invades me.
Nobody rules me.

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