Every day we have an incredible opportunity to connect to our life’s purpose, through the mysterious activity of Sleep. But we often miss it. We dismiss our dreams, as we aren’t educated to understand them. Our sleeping time is sacred, and it must be honoured accordingly. As we go about life, we accumulate a debt of hours of non-sleep, making our body suffer from the failure of regeneration. This lack of sleep makes us fail in decision making, in emotional responses, and in becoming disconnected from our sense of purpose (our life’s calling) due to the fatigue created. Sleeping is the only time where those who can’t let go of control, do let go 🙂 It’s a gentle reminder of our mere human state.

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I know, my child,

life is unfair.

Your heart was abandoned… your soul, your whole being.

You only wanted to love, like most.

They rejected it… You.

So undeserved.

A broken heart never really heals… wounds pile up.

I know.

I know about the endless nights unable to quiet the mind,

about the unendurable pain on my entrails,

my throat swallowing the thorns,

the zombie passing of the days,

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