Digital album: “Shadows & Dreams” (Gracimusic Ltd ©2020)



CD: “Red Hot Fire” (Gracimusic Ltd ©2016)

An electronic pop album with brushes of Latin. All the songs sprang from a pivoting point in my personal life. Co-produced by Andy Whitmore (Spandau Ballet, Elton John, Eternal, etc.) and with a good array of great musicians: Roberto Ares (percussion), Roger Blackman (guitar), Alex Hutton (piano), Steve Richardson (double bass), Dominic Grant (guitar), Matt Dibble (clarinet) and myself, of course! Special features: Roberto Pla (timbales) on "He's Waiting", Charlie Blaize (rap) on "Again And Again", Guerrero (rap) on "Red Hot Fire"


“Red Hot Fire” also available on iTunes and Spotify.

CD: “Ahora Soy Yo” (Gracimusic Ltd ©2015)

This is a reduced Spanish version (with some new bits and new mixes) of "Now It Is Me". Mixed at Wax Studios (London). Special features of Aid (rap) on "Modo de Vida" and Xavier Blanco (bagpipe) on "Lo Quiero".


“Ahora Soy Yo” also available on iTunes and Spotify.

CD: “Confin Del Mare” (Gracimusic Ltd ©2013)

A selection of my favourite classical songs/arias. Executive production in collaboration with Pulimanyam Productions Ltd. This album is a rarity, only a few copies left. It includes "The Flower Duet", "Habanera", "Casta Diva" or "Nessun Dorma".


CD: “Now It Is Me” (Gracimusic Ltd ©2011)

This is my first baby, pop-world. My first official album, one where I counted with exceptional musicians and all-time colleagues: Dominic Grant (guitar), Dani Mourinho (bass), Paul Carmichael (double bass), Hamish Balfour (piano), Roberto Ares (percussion), Francesco Mendolia (drums), Chris Duffy (drums), George Christie (guitar), Oscar Lo Brutto (mixing) and special collaborations of Natema (electronic music) and David Kilminster (guitar).


“Now It Is Me” also available on iTunes and Spotify.