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Healing through Singing & Movement

This is such a broad concept to elaborate, why do I get myself in trouble this way? πŸ™‚ Life's purpose is to be happy (for most people, anyway). Singing and Moving (either through exercise, dance, gardening, farming, sports, etc) are two activities that make us happier. They are two expressions of being human that make… Continue reading Healing through Singing & Movement

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Insecurities & Obsessions

Where to start. We all have them in more or less measure and colours. Acknowledging them is growth. Working towards them requires courage and a strong will. Not always easy. We become insecure when our expectations aren't met and when we compare ourselves to others. If we only acknowledged that those expectations aren't even ours!… Continue reading Insecurities & Obsessions

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Postural Breathing Exercises 1

This is a continuation of Breathing and Walking. The following exercises work on joint flexibility and mobility of trunk, pelvis, arms and legs, while breathing in a controlled fashion. Standing on your feet, straight trunk, legs separate hip width apart, knees unlocked, shoulders rolled back, hands interlaced behind your lower back. Breathe in. Bend forwards… Continue reading Postural Breathing Exercises 1

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Following your Intuition

The following is some brainstorming that has just popped into my thinking. I might mix concepts here, so excuse my confusion and hopefully it will trigger something in you πŸ™‚ Do you follow your intuition when you are doing a workout or when doing your vocal exercises, or is it your mind/logical thinking/conditioned learning (it's… Continue reading Following your Intuition