I wasn’t sure whether this article’s title should start with the male word or the female word. Would it make me a feminist if I place the word ‘female’ first? Does it make me a submissive lady by writing the word ‘male’ first? Labels, labels, labels… the world isn’t world if we don’t put things in boxes. We are so quick to judge and make conclusions.

Anyway, I am just warning you beforehand that this post has nothing to do with fitness or breathing, but it’s something interesting 🙂

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Ahh… The mighty Vagus Nerve, also called the “Master Nerve”, is the longest and most complex nerve in our body. It goes from the base of the cranium all the way down to the abdomen, connecting the brain to the gut and all the organs. This is also the only nerve that can be strengthened and toned, almost like a muscle 🙂

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We are so distracted.

We are so often profoundly absent from the present moment.

With our fears, our unfounded worries, our preconceptions, our learned behaviours, our wounds, our patterns, our perception of what’s right and what’s wrong.

This crisis manifests in many horrors related to our health, but one of the most poetic is the resulting loss of our cellular identity. Thus creating imbalances such as cancers, autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic conditions that often have no medical remedy.

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All I ever wanted
was for him to hold me with raw passion,
his heart pounding against my breasts,
his hand grabbing my arm
as if I was his only possession.
His eyes digging deep into my soul
as if his life depended on my kisses,
as if I was his last breath.
Pinning me down,
as if I was the only thing
to save his life.

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I know, my child,

life is unfair.

Your heart was abandoned… your soul, your whole being.

You only wanted to love, like most.

They rejected it… You.

So undeserved.

A broken heart never really heals… wounds pile up.

I know.

I know about the endless nights unable to quiet the mind,

about the unendurable pain on my entrails,

my throat swallowing the thorns,

the zombie passing of the days,

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